Whose norm is it anyway?

What’s the benchmark?  What benchmark?  Your benchmark.  For what?  Success, Satisfaction, Feeling Good about Yourself and Your Life.

That depends. On what?

On my mood, the time of day, time of the month, whether I have overeaten, achieved a goal, the goalposts move all the time so the benchmark does too.  It moves too with outside influences like friends losing weight or gaining weight (being completely honest, none of us likes to see a friend lose more weight than we do and secretly we are all a bit pleased that they’ve put on those extra pounds….).  Has your friend just bought a new car or a new cashmere wrap or the latest whatever the latest thing might be….We might be happy in a vacuum but we’re not in a vacuum, so happiness, feeling successful and satisfied often depends on other people.  It depends on how we respond to them and their circumstances and what context we are in at the time.  So we can be fragile and sensitive or bolshy and resilient.  It is fluid and transient and bl**dy frustrating.  So we strive to achieve and succeed and meet goals and set ourselves up to fail.  I think it would do us all good to ditch all these measurements every now and again and just live.

Who dictates what the norm is?  Why?  How?  We are trapped by our brains analysing and comparing and contrasting and judging.  How do we switch that bit off?  Is it possible to turn your brain down?  Is that what meditation is?  How could we overlay that meditative state with going about our day to day business?  It would be so refreshing and liberating not to care or worry and just BE.  Answers on a postcard please………

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