Finding my Voice

So many thoughts and so little time………..

Ever-changing thoughts fill our heads throughout the day

From subconscious to conscious they battle on their way

What is it that pushes one thought and not the other to the fore?

They spring to mind so vividly, then suddenly are no more


In times of great emotion, whether happy or depressing

Certain thoughts become more powerful, one’s we’re incapable of repressing

No matter what you’re doing or where you are, suddenly they’re upon you

The external proof – a smile or a frown or a face changing hue


They materialise from nowhere and in all shapes and sizes

Provoking different depths of feeling in varying intensity, using never-ending disguises

All powerful to disrupt logical thought, prevent focus and break concentration

How can a thought dictate our mood, inducing alternate states of despair and elation?


Categorising these creatures is a psycho-analysts delight

Abstract becomes fact – what events and which people have triggered your plight?

Perhaps it’s better to accept that we cannot control our fate

We can never stop the wanderings of the mind, no matter what the outcome or resulting state

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